Life’s a beach


I’m a bad,bad mother. I abandoned my baby, let him starve. My baby was left alone. No one checked on him for a while, strangers came by to look at whatever was left of him. Some laughed, some were anxious to see more. 

I’m talking about my blog, you freaks. I guess I am that type of person who can’t multitask or even do a good job on two different departments. Yeah, well, that’s me, deal with it. I’m a perfectionist, I refuse to share my attention somewhere else if I’m 100% into whatever it is that I do at the moment. But that wasn’t the topic for today. Since the summer is almost gone, I thought I might as well analyze the situation a bit and the result is Beach vs. Real life. Let’s get into it, shall we ? 

1. As long as you’re on the beach, you can drink whatever you want, people won’t judge you. Eager to have a beer at 11 am ? You’re on the beach, brother. That is totally acceptable. Wanna share a champagne with your friends while staring at the sea ? Wanna sip a cocktail before having breakfast ? Again, you’re on the beach, amigo. The amount of alcohol doesn’t matter as long as there’s sand in places sand should never be. 

Let’s say a friend of yours wants to go out before lunch and you order a beer. You will instantly notice the “woa, rough day already?” look on his face. Whatever it is that you do on the beach it’s called celebration. If you do it in a random bar, enoying the city life, you might have issues. 

2.Acting totally retarded. You wanna jump? You wanna scream? You wanna jump AND scream at the same time? You wanna do all that while fighting the waves? Well be my guest, the beach is no place to be judged. 

You wanna be cuddled in the water and jumping into your partner’s arms? That’s fine, you’re at the beach. People will probably look and think “awww…cute!”

You’re in front on the mall and want to jump into your lover’s arms while laughing hysterically? Get ready for some mean looks, people laughing at you and not with you and eventually some guards telling you your behaviour is inappropriate. 

3. Being almost naked. If you’re a woman and people are staring at you on the beach, it’s fine. Your bathing suit is awesome, your tan looks perfect, your skin is flawless. If you’re a guy, that’s the perfect chance for you to show the muscles without being called a perv. 

If a woman is seen in her lingerie she will totally freak out. Yell, throw things around. So the way I see it, if you’re on the beach, even if you’re topless, it’s super fine if people are staring. If you are seen in your lingerie, everyone looking wants to rape you. Ok, seems legit. 

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who gave these situations a thought or two. To be fair, it’s mostly disturbing, we sometimes refuse to act the way we want because people are looking at us, someone might see, someone might hear, someone might know you and tell everyone then. We are so afraid of what people might think, we can only afford to have fun without the fear of being judged 3/12 months. Everybody gets excited when summer is here and then all depressed once it’s over. I think this is why some people would  go on vacation in exotic places, to enjoy some more the freedom experience. 

Let’s all move to Bora Bora. But until then, keep it poppin’ !



Procrastinating feelings



Ohh…… HOME ! I am finally home, amigos. I promise I will never ever complain again that my bed feels uncomfortable or that my furniture is too red.That’s the thing with the good things in life that make us happy, though… We take them for granted and forget to appreciate them. Anyway, I wasn’t going to talk about my stuff, I am no IKEA freak. A while ago, I came up with a new life philosophy for myself and I have to say, I am quite surprised. It goes like this… 

If it takes too long to love something, it is not meant to be loved by you. 

I have to say, before my new love coma, I never thought I would think in such a way, some might even call it toxic, but then again, why would I procrastinate love on purpose? Me or anyone else out there. I am not just talking about love for other human beings, but also for activities, doing things,seeing places, or why not,having different objects. Some people are afraid to think about love on a short notice, thinking it’s a confusion, mixed feelings. We are tempted to confuse love with excitement, that is true. But if it makes you happy, why would you not believe in it ? Take this as an example…. You’re moving to a new home. You’re kind of meh, it’s not really your dream house. The walls could use some fixing, also the kitchen is not the right size, you could totally use some extra space but you say to yourself “hey, maybe I will start loving this place and make it feel like home one day”. Yes, that could work for a while, but you’re just fooling yourself… The feeling you will be developing it’s called accommodation. This fake dream house is nothing but just a boring couple not smiling at each other too much or having fun together. 

I see things differently than others, though. I’m not doing anything if it doesn’t feel like a bomb after another bomb. I need fun and action just the way you need a big kitchen, my friend. Why would we deny true love in our lives ? Why would we settle instead of trying harder ? One day you’re gonna wake up and start hating. 

Do it with love or stop doing it and look again. This world is so big, you don’t even have to try. Don’t you want to wake up happy instead of content ? Don’t you want to see things in a beautiful way instead of just nice ? It’s not wrong to love fast, but it could be wrong trying to tell yourself that is too early for that… But hey, that’s just me 🙂 

AUGuri, loved ones

imageknock-knock * ( gently opens the door, terrified of not finding anyone in there ) 

Aaaand that is my way of saying SORRY for not writing in these last few days. I thought I would get unlucky and have at least one rainy day out of five but hey, guess what, nature loves me back and I brought a looooot of emotional baggage  here with me. Where is here ? Y’all find out. So as a part two of my “sowwy”, here come the details.

First of all, I’ve been a bad,bad tourist so I only took a few pics. Ok, fine, just two pics. Ok, maybe it just counts as one ’cause I took pics of the same place. But hey, it speaks for itself, we don’t need no photo album to love this!



Also, in my defense, I was busy holding the Corona. We all know that requires special attention.

But back to serious stuff ( ahem )

The thing I love the most about the South and this amazing beach is him.

Bari took care of my soul like a good mother, the sun loved every inch of my skin and the wind seemed to move away from my direction as I was clearly happy and enjoying the perfect weather. Great food, amazing people, awesome parties = YAY.

But right now… I am saying hello from Civitavecchia. This time I’m travelling with parents, which is not exactly my cup of tea, but I should be thankful for the existance of the headphones and good music. Seems to be a good month of August so far and it’s not even ending with these events, many more to come and let me tell you this, it might look like I’ve been all lazy ’cause I stopped writing, but it’s been quite the opposite. Sleepless nights followed by morning time at the beach, 1-2-3 Corona aka *stay some more at the beach* and then the usual “come on Barbie, let’s go party”. Alrighty, Ken !

While I’m listening to some funky jazz beats I feel like sharing with you guys everything, leaving no details aside, but that would take me at least one week and then I’m afraid you will literally forget about the girl on the move haha so I’ll just hurry into finishing this post faster ejrhnfdkgvfhyjyhgxf.

You remember how I was complaining about moving to Italy, doing this or that, being miserable and all ?

I feel like that was decades ago, it’s true that good things might come to those who wait, I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep talking or the heavy summer presence, but I do know I’m enjoying my present like life could end now or in 5 minutes.  I do have some complaints, though…. Italians, your coffees are too damn small ! I need a big old mug of coffee, not a fancy white porcelain thing for dwarves. Anyway, let that be my supreme bad luck and I’ll just learn to live with it !

That being said, chop-chop my friends, go live your lives, don’t stop reading, writing and being happy. Oh, and eating . Yeah, you should also eat once in a while. I’ll come back soon with some fresh updates and if that will happen in the next 12 hours means it rained. So hopefully, I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Keep it poppin’!

Mistaking. More like taking


They say one should do things that a future self would thank him for.

I couldn’t agree more, but… ( I like big BUTS and I cannot lie, you know I’m all about the details haha) does that mean I should only do stuff that are valuable in the future? I talked about these things in the previous post, but ( you see? I was right ) if life is about repeating things, why shouldn’t I repeat myself ? I’ll do it in a different manner, though. I’m a writer, not a copy-paster. Does that word even exist? Anyway. 

So back to serious… aspects.Should we act based on how our actions reflect on ourselves in the future? I somehow agree with that saying, even if I am not really familiar with the source but I can’t live in the tension of thinking two steps ahead. Just like I can’t live in the past, that’s just a trap of keeping yourself miserable. Yes, sure, we should always do things that one day we’ll benefit of, but mistakes are also beneficial. 

If I never do mistakes, how am I supposed to know what I don’t want to happen ? How will I know what I don’t like if I haven’t experienced soreness ? We can’t go through life suspecting and supposing, we must always know. 

You see, when someone, anyone, hears this saying I am talking about today, rushes into thinking that he must do super good, awesome things. No. Girlfriend, boyfriend, stop right there. You are allowed to make mistakes. This is how you learn, and if you’re not learning from them and still repeating your mistakes, you either hope for things to change one day or you find some comfort in this pattern. And yes, there are psychos out there, like myself, that wouldn’t learn and still repeat a mistake or two, just because they can. And once you start getting the drill of it, the results won’t even affect you that much, you already know what to expect, even if it’s bad bad bad.

But don’t act like me, I’m all messed up. I was just trying to make a point, and the conclusion is that even if I’m not always investing in a future self, I know I’ll be fine tomorrow ’cause I’ll know what to do.You see, no matter who you are or what’s your type, or what kind of person you are, we are always ruled by choices. But we’ve been programmed to resist, everything that can be done with the power of our brain is bearable, otherwise there wouldn’t be a limit somewhere. We know we only use or understand 10 % of our brain and how things work, and that’s for a reason, that is the limit we can face. So play within your limits. Don’t be afraid to fail, you might win big at one point based on that exact same mistake.

That being said, girl on the move’s moving her heart today to the South, where all the magic happens haha. I will try to keep you posted on my existential dilemmas but in the meantime, you fellas keep it real, keep it clear, and more importantly, keep it poppin’ !