Procrastinating feelings



Ohh…… HOME ! I am finally home, amigos. I promise I will never ever complain again that my bed feels uncomfortable or that my furniture is too red.That’s the thing with the good things in life that make us happy, though… We take them for granted and forget to appreciate them. Anyway, I wasn’t going to talk about my stuff, I am no IKEA freak. A while ago, I came up with a new life philosophy for myself and I have to say, I am quite surprised. It goes like this… 

If it takes too long to love something, it is not meant to be loved by you. 

I have to say, before my new love coma, I never thought I would think in such a way, some might even call it toxic, but then again, why would I procrastinate love on purpose? Me or anyone else out there. I am not just talking about love for other human beings, but also for activities, doing things,seeing places, or why not,having different objects. Some people are afraid to think about love on a short notice, thinking it’s a confusion, mixed feelings. We are tempted to confuse love with excitement, that is true. But if it makes you happy, why would you not believe in it ? Take this as an example…. You’re moving to a new home. You’re kind of meh, it’s not really your dream house. The walls could use some fixing, also the kitchen is not the right size, you could totally use some extra space but you say to yourself “hey, maybe I will start loving this place and make it feel like home one day”. Yes, that could work for a while, but you’re just fooling yourself… The feeling you will be developing it’s called accommodation. This fake dream house is nothing but just a boring couple not smiling at each other too much or having fun together. 

I see things differently than others, though. I’m not doing anything if it doesn’t feel like a bomb after another bomb. I need fun and action just the way you need a big kitchen, my friend. Why would we deny true love in our lives ? Why would we settle instead of trying harder ? One day you’re gonna wake up and start hating. 

Do it with love or stop doing it and look again. This world is so big, you don’t even have to try. Don’t you want to wake up happy instead of content ? Don’t you want to see things in a beautiful way instead of just nice ? It’s not wrong to love fast, but it could be wrong trying to tell yourself that is too early for that… But hey, that’s just me 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Procrastinating feelings

  1. Your energy and enthusiasm for life are quite inspiring, but take it from me when I say “love is patient”! By the way, I nominated your blog for the “One Lovely Blog” award. I have no idea how this stuff works but I DO know there is a post about it on my page ^_^ Now get it poppin’!

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