Remember me

Up until now, I wasn’t a fan of chick flicks, romantic comedies, or romance in general. In fact, I somehow avoided movies that in my opinion, were nothing but… oh well, lame. All that changed when I found myself googling “movies to watch after a break up” . Now, aren’t I a clichee ? Needless to say that I cried my pretty much everything out because I can cope with all the stuff I’ve watched so far. There is, though, one thing that I cannot cope with… Oblivion.

Basically, when two mature adults love each other but realise their future together is meant to fail, they decide to break up. Well I’m obviously not an adult, more of a masochist fighter that holds on to whatever it is left. This could be the most complicated thing I have ever done, which is waiting to fall out of love, yes, we’re waiting to fall out of love with each other. We’re waiting for the memories not to give us a hit in the stomach anymore, waiting for the most beautiful part of our lives not to give us pain anymore. Isn’t that the weirdest contradiction of them all ? And to make it even better, the Universe insists to remind you that half of the memories you have belong to him. I’m angry with the Universe. Let me tell you what it has done to me, other than the obvious.

It doesn’t let me enjoy Led Zeppelin nor Pink Floyd like I used to. Because I remember of that time when I just got him a Pink Floyd CD and we listened to it while he was fixing his guitar case. Oh, yes. That’s another thing… Guitars… I had a funny habit, whenever I used to hear a kickass solo guitar I would picture him playing it on a stage and me in front of him, acting like a groupie who just saw David Gilmour live.

It doesn’t let me finish a book I love. Because it was a present from him and it’s a constant reminder of how well he knew me and how much I want to be a spoiler before he sees the movie.

It doesn’t let me use perfume anymore. I’m in love with my perfume, it’s what I’ve been searching for my whole life, a fragrance that would best describe me. Now I can only remember how he used to ask me to spray it around ; on that pillow with Star Wars we bought together, on the hair scrunchie I left at his house, on his scarf. It reminds me that someone loved the combination of my skin and that fragrance, that someone was constantly putting his nose against my neck and took a deep breath, smiling.

It doesn’t let me watch my favourite sagas. Now, I’ve always enjoyed these series , but they got a different meaning since I started falling asleep watching Lord of The Rings with my head on someone’s chest. We used to make fun of each other, he would call me a Muggle, I would call him a dwarf who can only think about food. Or a really sensitive werewolf, and then I would become a wannabe vampire.

It doesn’t let me go to my favourite spots in Rome. Like mentioned in a previous post, it all seems so fresh, I’m tempted to believe it’s still real and start talking with him, right there, in that spot. It takes about 5 seconds for the reality to hit you.

It doesn’t let me enjoy the good things happening to me, or the funny experiences I’m living. We used to keep one other posted with the most insignificant things, now I can’t do that, it would be weird. I can’t tell him that I just passed by the creepiest person ever and start describing it, because I’d probably leave him like ” … why are you telling me this ? “. We went from laughing to frowning, just like that.

It doesn’t let me be happy. I can’t be happy when someone is trying to forget about me. Oblivion scares the hell out of me. I’m afraid that one day I will wake up and not feel anything when I think of him. I’m afraid that one day I will see him with a girl he just met and I’ll still be trying to get over him. I’m afraid we will forget how important we were to each other and stop talking, like two people who never met. I’m afraid, because I’m forced to let go of something that was the top of the mountain. I’m still falling. And…I’m afraid that if I will keep falling, once I reach the ground, I will never be able to stand up again.


This is it

10952555_780943831974551_5522685482459708976_n This is where we stopped one night to talk about our future. You were telling me about how I shouldn’t give up on making a future here especially now cause we found each other. You made it look worth fighting for. Now I stopped here today just to think about our past.

af9c065c1be4b04dec396be9bd03784cThis is where I promised you that one day I will afford buying whatever I want on this street. It was right before my job interview and we were both so excited, we were already thinking about how we should go somewhere this summer, do something fun. I came here today to ask for happiness but they had none.

10978545_780948535307414_8475568425367739231_n This is where we enjoyed yet another perfect night out, doing nothing, just wandering around. We took some pictures and smiled as a whole, then did some window shopping, joking around about how we’re going to buy stuff for each other worth thousands and thousands of euros. The only thousands I cherish right now are valued in memories.