This is it

10952555_780943831974551_5522685482459708976_n This is where we stopped one night to talk about our future. You were telling me about how I shouldn’t give up on making a future here especially now cause we found each other. You made it look worth fighting for. Now I stopped here today just to think about our past.

af9c065c1be4b04dec396be9bd03784cThis is where I promised you that one day I will afford buying whatever I want on this street. It was right before my job interview and we were both so excited, we were already thinking about how we should go somewhere this summer, do something fun. I came here today to ask for happiness but they had none.

10978545_780948535307414_8475568425367739231_n This is where we enjoyed yet another perfect night out, doing nothing, just wandering around. We took some pictures and smiled as a whole, then did some window shopping, joking around about how we’re going to buy stuff for each other worth thousands and thousands of euros. The only thousands I cherish right now are valued in memories.


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