Sweet & Sour

You know how they say ” When life gives you lemons ( insert whatever here ) ” ? Most of the people I know would jump to making lemonades, having a tequila shot, squeezing them bastards into someone’s eyes and so on. You know what ? That’s silly.

Why can’t we just face the facts once in a while and eat the damn lemons ? I know it’s not the most pleasent feeling in the world, but hey, how else are you going to learn ? If you don’t know how bad it is, you will never know how to approach it in a safe way. And yes, we are not talking about lemons, ladies and gents. We, or at least I am talking about how we refuse to deal with what’s bothering us, fruits or not, you can’t have the perfect basket.

I don’t mean to sound all wise and a know-it-all, but there’s nothing more refreshing than acknowledging your surroundings. Once you start dealing with it, it becomes a part of your past and as long as you ignore it, it will always be in your future.I don’t know what made me write about these things, it could be the fact that I’m under the effect of two sleeping pills, or that maybe there’s someone out there who was in desperate need to hear this.

Be a warrior, not a worrier.